If you are already a vaper or you are thinking to start vaping then you should know the benefits and drawbacks of vaping. So, if you are interested in knowing the benefits and drawbacks as well then you should continue reading this article.

Advantages of vaping

Different vape flavors: The variety of flavors available in the market is the biggest advantage of vaping, especially for young people. Fruity flavors, mint flavors, desserts, drinks, methanol flavors, tobacco flavors, and other flavors are available for vaping. There is also another benefit of vaping which is that if the flavors available do not attract you then you can make your own vape juice.

Safer: When compared to cigarette smoking, vaping is thought to be a safer option. Because vaping does not involve burning because it doesn’t produce any smoke. Tar and CO are produced by smoke, and as a result, smoking causes long-term health problems. The benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle include improved lung function etc.

No odour: Even if you vape, you probably won’t even notice any odour, especially on your clothes.  Vaping has a unique scent and odor that differs significantly from the odour of stale smoke and cigarettes. Even vape with tobacco flavoring don’t have the same odour as burning tobacco. This is also regarded as the most significant advantage of vaping.

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Disadvantages of vaping:

  • Choices: A person who has just started vaping will be overwhelmed because of the endless choices he has. In case of cigarettes, you buy a cigarette from and brand and start smoking. Whereas, in case of vaping, there are a number of flavors and various types of vape. All these things make it difficult for a person to choose. 
  • Laws: Vaping is subject to some limitations and laws in some nations. This is why you might not be able to get the flavors and types of vaping that you want. Furthermore if the vape is short in the market then the prices will get high because of the high demand of vape.
  • Addiction: The most serious downside is that vaping has become an issue among teenagers. Teenagers are becoming addicted to vaping because it comes in so many different flavors and flavors that they can’t stop themselves.

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