There are a lot of people who are trying to get the range rover sport rent in Dubai as they are trying to show off in front of a certain crowd or there are some places where you need to go in certain kind of cars and dress codes so you have to hire the luxury cars like Lamborghini Aventador rent in Dubai. You need to check a few things and must ask about them while you are going to hire a good luxury car. Here you have to read these important things:

Who will pay for damage?

There should be the question about who will be responsible for the damage in case there will be any while you are driving the car. Most of the times the person who will be driving the car will be responsible and have to pay the amount of maintaining that damage but if the damage will be due to the any manufacturing issue or any other problem due to the fault in the car like if the brakes are not working properly then the damage due to this problem is not the responsibility of the person who take that on rent.

From where to get the car repaired?

It is also important that if you get indulge in any of the accident by mistake and there will be some damage to the car then how to get that repaired. You have to ask about it in advance as there will be many different workshops which the owner will recommend and sometimes they will ask you to pay for the repairs and then they will take their car to any of the workshop according to their choice. You have to ask about it in advance so there will be no problem if you get in t any accident.

What is used for more time?

Many times when you get a car on rent then you have to tell them about the number of hours or days for which you are getting the car and you have to pay accordingly but what if you take longer than the mentioned time? You have to ask about it and know about how to pay for that extra time. Some owners will ask you to pay according to what you are paying and some will ask higher rate.