As part of the customer service initiatives, the following organizational issues have been identified: poor matching of employee performance to corporate goals, taking pride in individual performance, and working effectively as a unit. How can an organization run customer service workshops? The first step is for each business to create an environment where employees can freely express their opinions. If an organization has a well-established policy of encouraging employee participation, it will facilitate the provision of quality feedback on workplace performance and customer satisfaction. If the policy is not explicitly stated, the manager should ensure that it is understood and practiced.

Communication is important in any workplace; however, in customer services, constructive communication from the outset can reduce the chances of conflict later on, as participants will understand the purpose of the workshop and be more willing to participate. During the customer service workshop, a discussion list will be generated, listing every problem and possible solution. These items should include goals, challenges, issues, and solutions. After discussing and reviewing the issues, each participant should generate a list of ideas on how to improve things.

To facilitate the process, it may be helpful to divide the list into three categories: management, editorial, and customer. Management and editorial assistants are primarily responsible for ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved, but assistants can also have a part in the preparation of this document. The objective of this objective is to create a structure that allows both management and editorial assistants to work together to support and maximize the customer service experience. The objective 2 is to establish guidelines for training, development, and continuing professional development of all staff members.

It is important for management and editorial assistants to review the objectives to determine if these are being properly met. If there are areas that need to be refined, these two groups should jointly evaluate these areas and develop new objectives. It is also important to establish roles and responsibilities within the organization. Once this is done, the roles and responsibilities of each employee should be reviewed and determined to ensure alignment with the overall objectives of the customer service week event.

The third component is a survey of what employees want to do or have. A focus of this survey is the use of technology and communication tools at work. The survey questions may relate to using the internet to find answers to questions, use of social media websites to give answers, improving interpersonal relationships, increasing productivity, and more. An employee satisfaction survey will allow each employee to state which behaviors or qualities they would like to see and be associated with. It will also give participants the option of completing a short online form to receive additional information on the topics listed above.