Apart from commercials on television and radio, actors also read information off-camera. Voice over in Dubai is used in multitude of ways to educate, inform, guide, entertain, and, of course, sell. This voice over talent can be used in PowerPoint presentations, training videos, eLearning courses, flash introductions, voice mail greetings, on-hold advertisements and website audio messages.

In order to add some zip to presentations, companies and individuals find a competent voice over talent. Here are some vital steps to get the right voice for your job.

1. Opt for an online Voice Over Specialist

If you are a big company or an advertising agency, you should turn to a big talent agency to hire a voice over talent for your project.

Being a small company you won’t be able to afford the union fees added on to the cost of hiring actors and voice talent through an agency. Your best alternate option will be to search online for a freelance voice over specialist.

You can widen your choices by searching on Google or Yahoo. This search will bring up top quality voice over actors’ sites; rely on word-of-mouth and the traffic that comes to their well-ranked web sites.

2. Choose the best one suitable for the job 

Just because a voice sounds smooth or deep, it doesn’t makes it fit for your project. Find a voice that sounds like your market. Determine if they sound like they know what they are saying when they read your copy. They should be convincing enough and natural. They should be able to deliver your message in the best possible manner.

3. The quality of their home recording should meet the professional standards. A good voice if recorded badly doesn’t help anyone.

4. Finally, the last step is negotiating a price. Compare at least three to four Indian Voice Over Artists or more for your voice over in Dubai.

Last, but not the least, be nice to the voice over talent. Do give them chances to prove themselves. Remember, they work alone in dark booths all day and they need acknowledgement and recognition for their hard work.