Even if your company has expanded and is well known for its products and services, still you will have to keep marketing and advertising it to keep up with the position in the market. We all know about McDonald’s and KFC and we think that they don’t need any kind of marketing and advertising but still, off and on, we see their ads on social media and even sign boards of them marketing about a new menu. So, you can see why your new startup may require a lot of promoting. If you have started a moving company in Dubai, then you must know that there will be a lot of competition and you will might be applying different marketing ideas.

There are a lot of storage companies in Dubai who also do moving business along with it because it helps them to promote more than one service under a single roof. Since the competition will be tough, you have to do a lot of marketing and advertising for the company. And here, we have tipped you with some ideas that will catalyst your business to success.

  1. The first thing that you can do is make a website. And consult with an SEO expert and do hard core SEO of the website. This will result in getting your website on top of the first page of google. And local and international clients will be asking for your service details.
  2. The second thing you have to do is make business pages on as many social media platforms as you so that your online presence becomes stronger.
  3. The next thing you have to do is give seasonal discounts. Let us say that new year is around the corner, and this is the time of the year when people are done with their rental contracts of homes and they look for good moving companies in January and February. The more marketing you will do in December, the more benefit you will get in the coming months.
  4. You can team up with different businesses. This will benefit you in making a name in the market. You can team up with cleaning businesses and when a person is moving in a new home, you can offer cleaning services and hire them to do the job.