Almost 80 percent of the people on social media have one aim, to become popular among the crowd. And since there are more than 5 billion people using some kind of social media, it can become hard for someone to become one. Even some of the biggest celebrities don’t have much followers on their accounts. There are some people who are not celebrities but they have an amazing number of followers and that is because they know all about how to become the best social media content creator. But there is a catch in being one, one has to post something unique to become famous.

Some follow the best media influencer and some follow YouTubers. If you want to become famous or popular then we have some ideas for amazing content creation. The first thing you have to do is decide a topic. There are two ways of deciding a topic, the one that is hyped up and that is trending and the second one that you love. Gaining followers on the trendy one is easy but if you don’t like what is in the trend then you have to come up with ideas to make your topic stand out. You can do that by telling all the things associated with the niche and connect it with the current situation of the world or with the coming future.

Sometimes, your audience can also help you come up with new ideas, there are so many ways of doing it. The most effective one is to look in the comments. If there is a comment that is getting much replies and likes, make a content on that topic. Or you can create a poll with some trendy hashtags so that it reaches maximum people. The winning answer will be your new topic and you can cover the runners up for another discussion. If you are done with these two things then you can conduct interviews by inviting some big names on your live sessions.

If you are just in the world of being famous and big names don’t pay attention, then you can always follow your competitors and see what they are doing and how they are doing stuff. Take an idea from them, manipulate it and then publish it. It always works.