The essential tools that are used to make a coil are all provided inside a vape tool kit. In this article we will tell you about these essentials and what are they used for?

Vape scissors

Vape scissors that are available in this kit are made with the same principles as the surgical scissors. These scissors have bigger finger holes than general scissors for the purpose of a more comfortable grip on the scissors. They are made with round ends to avoid potential injury caused by the scissors. These vape scissors are usually made with hard steel. This is to provide the user with a much sharper cut on the coil.

Spring loaded flush cutter

In this product, tungsten steel inlay technology is adopted. This technology results in the hardness of the product to the HRA-91 level. This level of hardness provides with a smoother cut around the coil which eventually helps in keeping your scissors sharp for a long period of time. Spring loaded flush cutter leaves your wire with a more even cut around the edges. This type of flush cutter uses spring handles for fast paced work and a comfortable grip around the objects that are made of non-slip material. One attractive feature of this spring loaded flush cutter is that its hardness does not even change at the temperature of 500 degree Celsius.

Bent nose non-serrated pliers

Serrated pliers are more likely to damage your coil wire. That is why nowadays the technology of non-serrated pliers is used to prevent that potential damage of your coil wire. These pliers offer a much greater hardness because they are made out of steel. Their thicker ends provide a greater strength around the wire coil.

Bent tip vape tweezers

Bent tip vape tweezers have a curved shape, extended out to a set of pointed tips. This shape is very useful in making coils for vape because they allow the user to make even the finest of adjustments in the coil. Plus the handle part of these tweezers are made of thick steel which makes these tweezers very hard to deform, thus increasing its productivity.

Ceramic vape tweezers

The ceramic vape tweezers are made out of such material that they can very easily resist heat up to 1300 degree Celsius. The tips of these tweezers are made out of ceramic which eventually hardens the tip, provide a greater corrosion resistance, insulation and anti-static properties.

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