In this article, we will be discussing what anxiety, what anxiety disorder is and the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

How can anxiety be defined?

Anxiety is basically the normal reaction of your body to stress. It is an emotion of nervousness and fright about the forthcoming situations. It could be when you are going to a place for the first time, meeting someone for an interview or some other situations related to this, you feel nervous or afraid.

Having anxiety is normal because most of the people around us are going through this problem. But, it could be an alarming situation if you have anxiety for more than six to seven months. This means that you have anxiety disorder.

It is perfectly alright if you feel nervous when you starting your new employment, going for an exam, relocating, etc. This kind of anxiety is not very dangerous. Rather, it can be helpful because you might be motivated through this and perform better. These every day anxieties don’t disturb your daily life.

If we talk about anxiety disorder, we can say that you might feel the emotion of fear and nervousness constantly. It is extremely high, weakening and exhausting.

If you have anxiety disorder, you remain unhappy all the time and you are not willing to enjoy things. There are some sever cases in which people are even afraid to travel in the elevator, cross the roads or are even afraid to go out of their houses. If the anxiety disorder is not treated, this will extremely bad.

Anxiety disorder is one of the most usual type of disorder of emotion and people of any age can be affected by it.

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Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is different for everybody. You might feel your heart skipping a beat while others might feel their heart racing. Some people might have nightmares, some may have thoughts that are painful, or some people might even have panic attacks. You might be having usual fear and nervousness or might have a fear about particular place occasion.

The symptoms of usual anxiety are as follows.

  • The rate of heart is increased
  • Apprehension
  • Breathing becomes rapid
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Trouble sleeping