People who start getting weight suddenly due to any reason should be careful about a few things in order to keep their weight in control. This is because if they do not stop that increment at the start, then it will be very difficult for them to lose their weight after some time and then they have to go for the weight loss surgery Dubai. This will be a major surgery and also there is rigorous follow ups & vitamin supplements . You need to be more mindful about a few things mentioned below if you want to stay away from the surgery & interested in non-surgical options for weight management like gastric balloon Dubai  or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, so see here below:

Many people will think that if they skip their meals then  they can lose their weight but the reality is quite opposite because when you skip a meal then at the next meal you will eat more than usual the rebound comes ,which will never help you in losing your weight. If you want to lose weight then you have to eat your meals at a regular interval but in a healthy & minimum quantity so you will not get hungry at the time of next meal.

You need to take care of your breakfast specifically because many people will start skipping their breakfast and they think they can lose weight in this way. The thing is that you were empty stomach at the start of the day and it will affect your productivity over the period of time and you will feel lesser active than other people as you are using too much of your body energy that is not a good thing in losing your weight so you have to keep taking your breakfast at the morning. When it is about weight loss and eating and you cannot control your hunger then the best solution is to start taking more raw vegetables then ever and you can have them at any time as well and it will not increase your weight instead your stomach will be fuller and you will need to eat lesser than having your raw vegetables. You can also take fruits but make sure about the quantity of the sweeter ones like dates and mangoes so take them in a limit. Statistically once you are obese then diet & exercise alone have failure rate of 96% so have to take help of weight loss procedure like gastric balloon or ESG(endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty)