Sanitizing tunnels have become very common now due to the spread of corona virus. In this article you will see the description, benefits, usage, installation as well as location of sanitizing tunnels.

Description of sanitizing tunnels

With the growth of protection and health considerations all over the world, the requirement for quick and successful disinfection has developed. Most importantly in places that has consistent motions and huge number of people.

Sanitizing tunnels or compartments aim at disinfecting the people who goes through those tunnels or compartments by automatically spraying the sanitizer on the people. There are few models of sanitizing tunnels which are helpful in find the temperature of the person’s body. One person has to go through the sanitizing tunnels at a time so they can be properly sanitized.

Benefits of sanitizing tunnels

Sanitizing tunnels doesn’t give complete safety towards the infections and diseases. But, they are necessary in maximizing the health and protection of the people. There are a number of benefits of sanitizing tunnels which are listed as follows.

  1. The sanitization is done automatically
  2. The sanitizing tunnels are not at all dangerous for people as well as pets
  3. The process of fixing the sanitizing tunnels is easy and their usage is also simple
  4. The running cost of the sanitizing tunnel is also low
  5. The presence of the objects is automatically detected
  6. Higher productivity in places full of people
  7. Alterable spraying mount regulation

Usage of sanitizing tunnels

The sanitizing tunnels are basically utilized in those places where a huge amount of people come every day. The list of those places is as follows.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Social meetings
  3. Offices and factories
  4. Cinemas
  5. Educational institutes
  6. Stores
  7. Shopping malls
  8. Parks
  9. Departmental stores
  10. Residential areas
  11. Police stations
  12. Conference halls

Installation procedure of sanitizing tunnels

The installation of sanitizing tunnel is done by the experts and technicians. Prior to the procedure of installation, the location is visited by the team or the experts so that they can make the correct plan for installation.

Location of sanitizing tunnels

  1. Entrance and way out gates
  2. Stairs
  3. Escalator
  4. Receptions
  5. Washrooms
  6. Conference rooms
  7. Classrooms, etc.

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